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Posted 7/28/2013 12:46:51 PM
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We decided to plant a garden this year....much bigger than we have ever planted before. It's 25x50ft, and we have it full of tomatoes, zucchini, peas, squash, potatoes, cabbage...you name it.
So far this summer it's been going great, producing like crazy.

The one thing that we are constantly fighting is the weeds. My wife is out there just about every night picking weeds, and on the weekends I'll get out there and help to. It seems like no matter how many weeds we pick, they just keep coming back. I've tried getting in there with a small tiller and going in between the rows to eat up the weeds, but that only works for about a week...then they all start coming back.

Is there any trick to getting the weeds out, and keeping them out......besides spraying weed killing all over the garden? I don't want to start doing that.
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Posted 7/28/2013 4:36:33 PM

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The only other thing you can do is lay landscapers fabric (or I was able to score a huge bunch of burlap bags) I've been lucky so far this year I was ale to get ahead of the weeds before they took over.

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Posted 7/28/2013 10:48:56 PM

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You're not going to believe this but.....

Green fiberglass or pvc corrugated panels. Mow the weeds as short as you can, or till; this only works on new growth. Lay the panel(s) flat on the ground with the edge of the panel next to the crop plants. Wait two weeks or until there is weed growth. Move the panel(s) to the next spot. Within two days the weeds under the panel with look like you took a blowtorch to them. Do not disturb the soil and the weeds won't come back all season (unless you get weed seeds in your irrigation water).

We've had some bad wind storms this year 50+ winds, panels haven't budged .
At Home Depot the 8' PVC was $15, a cheap experiment, give one a try.
This only works with the green panels, not sure why but the weeds (and any other plants, smoked a bunch of peppers last year) can't handle the full sun spectrum after growing under the green, yellow didn't faze them at all, just the green. It's been two months since I used these next to the strawberries and you can still see the square corner of where the panel was.

Next year I'm getting enough panel to do a full 100' row. The plan is to cover where I want to plant three weeks before I want to set out starts. I'll wait two weeks and then give the sun a week to do it's magic. Then move the panels to one side of the grow bed for two weeks, then the other side.

If you try this, let everyone know how it goes.
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Posted 8/9/2013 3:54:42 PM
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Try using a product called Preen.  It is a pre-emergant so it shouldn't hurt existing plants.  I think it is made from corn glutin so it is natural and not a chemical.  Pull your weeds in a section then sprinkle the Preen.  Check the packaging or with a County Ag Agent to be sure.  I would hate to have your garden killed off.
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Posted 8/10/2013 12:33:03 PM

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If you are in an area where pine straw is available that works well. Just lay down a thick layer and it should work through the growing season. Preen works if you use a lot of it but, depending on the size of your garden it can get expensive and it doesn't last long before the weeds start showing up (been there, done that). Round up works somewhat but make sure it doesn't get on the veggies (tough to do especially if there is a breeze). I tried landscape cloth and the weeds pushed it up as they grew. I've used black plastic with some success but didn't mulch between the rows so the weeds grew over the plastic. This year the rain drowned my garden so nothing helped and the weeds took over. Anytime you plant a garden you will have to deal with weeds, it just depends on how much time and money you want to invest.


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