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Posted 7/15/2013 6:43:07 PM
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We THINK our beautiful Holstein/Angus cross (?? maybe... that's our neighbor's best guess) was bred in Dec which will bring us her 1st baby in September. Tho I used to be an OB nurse prior to my becoming disabled and tho I find delivering goats to be way sweet, I'm VERY nervous about our "Baby" (weighing in at ? 1100 lbs maybe?) when she delivers. She's a big cow and pretty rambunctious.

I've been googling calving and, of course, I'M EVEN MORE NERVOUS since finding info on "pulling" calves (which makes me kringe to watch farmers pull babies when the mom isn't having a contraction!) and re-positioning babies in utero. I doubt I have the strength to reach in and turn a baby and no way will my (non-farmer type) hubby do it. Vets are hard to get to come out to the house so HOW MUCH TIME WILL I HAVE if the baby isn't presenting correctly?

Does anyone know how often cows have difficult births vs normal, natural deliveries?

Fibromom in northcentral (remote GORGEOUS) WA state; fighting debilitating fibromyalgia with our glorious hobby farm; hubby and I own a small real estate business that keeps the beasties fed!
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Posted 7/16/2013 6:20:11 AM
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1st do you know if this is her 1st calf or not

2nd if the hooves of the calf isn't in the diving postion then it's backwards

3rd do you have a neighbor that can help you out that has pulled a calf

4th will you have her in a dry lot when she gets closer to her due date or in a stable

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