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Posted 1/30/2011 1:34:55 PM
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Is there a nice suburb of Chicago where I could live with my young family on a hobby farm or do I need to live in suburban Chicago and then have a separate hobby farm even further away from the city in a rural area?

Ideally I would like to live on a small farm with a couple of horses, a few cows, and a couple of dogs. However, it is important to me that my kids have access to good schools an some of the amenities typically offered in suburbs.

Thanks in advance.
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Posted 1/30/2011 5:48:42 PM
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I don't live near Chicago, however, I have lived in the country and near towns and cities all my life. In the current city I live near, one cannot have animals except in the rural areas. You'll have to check with Chicago.
As far as good schools and amenities... our kids were raised in the country and went to school in the country. When they got to highschool and thus a city school we were told that the teachers and principal could tell kids from our country school not only because of their attitudes but also the number of awards the kids earned plus the fact that more parents from the country came to events than those from the city. It was as if country parents took the time and effort for their kids and it paid off. Ask around to find a good country school.
I went to a country school until I entered highschool and I remember not relating to the things the city kids talked about. They talked about where kids lived and who was going with whom and stores and shopping - I was more interested in exploring the ravine in the back or biking to a friends.
As far as amenities, not sure which ones you're talking about. I can tell you that living in the country is a lifestyle choice. As my mother once told me, chose where you want to live and then put up with the driving kids while they're small. That's what we did - the kids could go to something in town twice a week so pick wisely. I can also tell you that we asked our kids when they were teens if they'd like to move to the city - the answer was a resounding No from both of them.
My country kids are more interested in exploring new things, in reading about the world, in the environment, in nature than many of their friends who lived in the city.
Kids don't need to be busy all the time - with encouragement kids find lots to do in the country. Because their time wasn't slotted 24/7 they discovered things for themselves and along the way, learned independence and self-sufficiency.
It really comes down to choice, do you want to be self-sufficient and live where you can grow your own food and have your own water or not.

Enjoying life with chickens, bees, gardens, flowers and a dear sweet 3 year old fully of curiosity and love!
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Posted 1/31/2011 9:30:38 AM
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Thanks for the thoughtful response Valerie.

I have worked in finance for the past 20 years and am fortunate in that I can now choose the lifestyle I want without worrying about money. Ideally I would find a community, not too far from downtown Chicago, where I can raise my family on a small farm sanctuary, while maintaining a townhouse in the city.

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Posted 2/4/2011 10:40:19 AM
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Hello Cbermudez
I live just outside of suburban Chicago up in McHenry county. the metrarail train operates into Chicago and is about 15 mins drive from us. Interstate 90 is a 10 minute drive also.
The prices of hobbyfarms have fallen in the last couple of years but have remained about level now for a while.
We get a fair amount of ag auctions and have a tractor supply about 15 miles away and a number of feed stores within that radius.
The nice thing about here is the schools dont have metal detectors they have more trouble with seniors double perking their tractors!
If I can be any help to you then let me know, I also have a 5 acre hobby farm that will soon be up for sale - let me know if you want some details.
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